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Our Classes
We offer the Basic Pistol Course that is required for the LA Concealed Carry Permit. We also teach other firearm safety and self/home defense courses such as Basic Personal Protection in the Home and Firearm Safety Courses.
We also buy and sell firearms. We can order you just about any gun or accessory you are looking for and can normally beat the big box store prices.
We are certified NRA Instructors with a lifetime of experience working with guns.
When you search for a concealed carry class you should ask the following;
1. Do you provide the required NRA materials?
2. Do I shoot my own gun?
3. Do you provide instruction covering "How to Apply for your Permit".
We have spoken with several students who say some crazy things about some instructors. There are plenty of legitimate instructors out there, but just do your research to find the instructor that will give you the training you deserve. Our course will do just that for you and you will learn in a relaxed and fun environment.
We provide a lunch, drinks and pay your range fee. Our classes are held at 32290 Sasser Ln. Walker, LA 70785
We Provide individual instruction at the range to correct errors in stance, grip and trigger control before they become habit.
If quality training is what you desire then we are the class for you. if you only want a quick class that does not provide all the required and needed information then this is not it.
Basic Personal Protection in the Home
This one day class is for experienced shooters who want to advance their shooting skills and learn more when it comes to protecting themselves and their family. We also discuss the legal aspects of self defense along with the aftermath following a shooting. This is a 10 hour class and includes 3 hours on the range. This is NOT a beginner course. Candidate must provide proof of attendance in one of the following;
1. Basic Pistol Course
2. NRA First Steps Course
3. NRA competitive pistol shooter
4. Prior Military with DD214
5. Prior Law Enforcement
This is a very fun and challenging course. Students will need to bring 100 rounds of ammunition, 2 or more magazines and a holster.
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